IT Risk Advisory Services: Cyber Insurance Application Preparation

IT Risk Advisory Services

Cyber Insurance Application Preparation

Cyber risks pose a real threat to your business. A business can transfer some of the cyber risk by purchasing a cyber insurance liability endorsement. While the coverage and exclusions can vary greatly from one policy to the next, one constant remains: the stronger your cyber security posture, the lower your premiums. Most policies require the applicant to fill out a lengthy cyber questionnaire. BRC can review the questionnaire with you, ask appropriate questions to verify which cyber security policies and controls are in place, and provide recommendations on cost effective changes you can make to strengthen your cyber security posture and lower your premium.

BRC services for Cyber Insurance Application Preparation

  • Review the Cyber Insurance Application questionnaire with your IT staff
  • Verify through inquiry the policies and controls already in place
  • Recommend cost effective changes based on the questionnaire

BRC has created a multi-faceted, risk-based, scalable approach to your cybersecurity concerns.

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